- Marshall V-LCD70XP-HDMI-SL 7


Marshall V-LCD70XP-HDMI-SL 7" LCD Field Monitor w/Sony 'L' Mount


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The Marshall V-LCD70XP-HDMI-SL is a durable, lightweight 7" LCD field monitor designed for use on both camcorders and video DSLRs. Equipped with a scratch-resistant, high resolution 1.2MP TFT screen that provides exceptional clarity and brightness, this HD monitor brings a new level of ease to general framing and focus-checking. Otherwise identical to the earlier '70P' monitor, the '70XP' adds several convenient new features: manual gamma adjustment via the menu, image flip, adjustable on-screen markers, and the ability to place 1/4-20 threads on any side of the monitor for more flexible mounting.

Along with its Sony 'L' mount, the V-LCD70XP-HDMI-SL comes equipped with component, composite, and HDMI inputs plus a variety of screen formats, markers and user-configurable function buttons.

Marshall's Professional Details

Marshall Electronics builds their LCDs for professional applications and convenient, user-friendly operation. In addition to its high quality image, the display will accept a wide variety of input signals.

Completely Digital

The V-LCD-70XP-HDMI-SL features a completely digital TFT high resolution LCD screen with 1.2 million pixels, 4-pin XLR power jack, and optical grade polycarbonate screen protection. Analog signals are digitized using advanced 10-bit processing with 4x oversampling and an adaptive 5-line comb filter.

Automatic NTSC/PAL Recognition

The V-LCD70XP-HDMI-SL accepts both NTSC and PAL standard signals. Conveniently, the monitor automatically detects which standard it is being fed without having to push a button, flip a switch or access a menu option.

False Color & Peaking Filters

A sophisticated color and peaking filter system will let you run tests and do various adjustments in order to achieve very accurate color and sharpness settings according to a particular lighting and scene situation. Once these settings are locked in, you can be sure that what you see on the monitor is exactly what the camera is capturing.

False Color Filter

The False Color filter is used to aid in the setting of camera exposure. As the camera Iris is adjusted, elements of the image will change color based on the luminance or brightness values. This enables proper exposure to be achieved without the use of costly, complicated external test equipment.

Peaking Filter

The Peaking Filter is used to aid the camera operator in obtaining the sharpest possible picture. When activated, all color will be removed from the display and a black-and-white image will remain. The internal processor will display RED color on the screen where sharp edges appear.

Scratch Resistant Screen

As almost all professionals know, the field can be a rough place. The monitor's LCD incorporates a scratch-resistant protective screen, so you no longer have to worry about a stray branch leaving its mark across your picture-perfect image.

• 15:9, 16:9, 4:3, pixel-to-pixel modes

• RGB gain and bias control